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c.  helton

Artist Statement

 I have always been a teacher and a student.  I enjoy learning and sharing. I do art because I have a desire to bring joy. I make art that reflects my own positive feeling, but also has a universal recognition. My intention is to entice all viewers to discover something in my art that reminds them of their own experiences. Find pleasure in the emotion!

I enjoy switching back and forth between several mediums, including watercolor, acrylic, oil, collage and pastel.  Each medium offers a unique experience.  Usually, I create a composition from my own photographs, life, or my imagination.

My subjects include landscapes, portraits, and still-life. My works are realistic, but painterly. I want the viewer to connect with the subject, but also to recognize my brush strokes, color usage, and attention to technique. Living in the Northwest, many pieces reflect the beauty found in nature and the changing seasons. My color choices also reflect the subtle hues found in nature.

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